06/5004658 – 06/5004659


27/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI, through ASSOCOSTIERI Servizi, participated in the TDI RETE-GNL study, technologies and sizing of plants for the primary distribution network of LNG in the ports of the cross-border area.

An important moment of discussion for the sector to let LNG bunkering finally become a concrete opportunity for relaunch for the country.

To find out more about TDI RETE-GNL http://interreg-maritime.eu/web/tdiretegnl/progetto

To find out more about the participation of the Association https://www.assocostieri.it/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/CS_Assocostieri_TDI_RETE-GNL_rev.pdf