ASSOCOSTIERI, was founded in Rome in 1983, and it is an Association with a pivotal role for firms working in the field of energy Terminals.

In particular, firms operating in the marine bunkering service, holders of coastal, customs and tax tank storage facilities of mineral oils, chemical products and LPG, biodiesel, tank storage facilities and LNG regasification Terminals are part of the Association.

The Association represents, for over 35 years, the interests of the operators working in this sector, carrying out a continuous and proactive work of accreditation of its members and their issue of interest among the engaged stakeholder groups.

To this end, ASSOCOSTIERI protects the needs of the Associates in the institutional, political and technical seats at a national, European and international level, which are competent in terms of energy Terminals and biofuel.

This activity takes shape into the participation to work and consultation groups, instituted from the Public Administration and by technical bodies, to share and resolve issues raised from the represented industrial compartments.

ASSOCOSTIERI adheres to the following Federations and Associations:

  • Confcommercio – Imprese per l’Italia
  • Conftrasporto
  • Confmare
  • European Biodiesel Board
  • Biofuel Platform
  • CUNA – Commissione Tecnica di Unificazione nell’Autoveicolo
  • CTI – Committee Italian Heat
  • WEC – World Energy Council
  • NGVA Europe – Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association



Via di Vigna Murata, 40 – 00143 Roma

Tel. 06/5004658 – 06/5004659 – 06/5910049
Fax. 06/5011697
E-mail: assocostieri@assocostieri.it
Pec: assocostieri@pec.it