Biodiesel is the only renewable fuel with a liquid shape available on the market. It is obtained from vegetal oils (rape, sunflower or others) and can be used as combustible, whether pure or in mixture. Its use means significantly reduction of CO2 emissions and elimination of the sulphur ones. It is furthermore excellent in the performance of vehicles and heating systems.

Currently Italian industry ranks fifth in Europe for production capacity of Biodiesel with a value which is around 1.5 million tons per year.

The recent interministerial order dated 2 March 2018 (the so called Biomethane Decree) has introduced an incentive system for the production of biomethane and its use in transport sector.

The production of biomethane occurs through the biological decomposition of the organic substance in absence of oxygen in a process known as anaerobic digestion and the raw materials that can be used are zootechnical waste, OFMSW, dedicated agricultural production and gardening waste with green management.

This product, in gaseous state and as combustible, reduces significantly particulate emissions and can be used by the same vehicles powered by natural gas or methane with fossil origin.