LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a natural by-product of the process including crude oil and natural gas. It grants heat and energy at a high level and a low environmental impact, it is not polluting for water and soil and contributes significantly to the reduction of atmospheric pollution thanks to the low sulphur content.

Its use ranges from domestic to industrial, from agriculture to naval sector.

Compared to other fuels LPG is able to ensure:

  • greater calorific value;
  • lower variation of its performance on the basis of changes related to environmental factors;
  • greater stability of the composition.

Thanks especially to the ease of vaporization and non-reactivity of the molecule, LPG can reach values certainly classified with minimal environmental impact and, for this reason, the Legislative Decree no. 257/2016, implementing the DAFI Directive, has identified it as an alternative fuel.

The LPG plays an important role on the theme of self-driving and can count on an already existing and consolidated logistics at national level.