ASSOCOSTIERI – BIODIESEL PRODUCERS is the representative association of producers operating in the biodiesel sector.
The Association of firms working in the field of energy Terminals was established in Rome on February 24th, 1983 thanks to the initiative of some entrepreneurs who wanted to create an organization distinguishable from the others in terms of a more strongly protection of the irreplaceable role played from the primary distribution in the national market.

Renewable Energy:

Biodiesel is the only source of renewable energy with a liquid shape and really available on the market. It is obtained from vegetal oils and can be used immediately pure and in mixture, as:

  • Diesel substitute in transport sector.
  • Heating fuel, without any modification of engines and boilers.


  • Renewable: because it is obtained from the cultivation of oleaginous plants widely diffused;
  • Biodegradable: because it is dispersible and dissolvable in the space of a few days. The waste of usual fuels persists on the contrary much longer;
  • Safe: because it is guarantee of an energy efficiency as high as that of fuels and mineral combustibles;
  • Efficient: because it is excellent in the performance of vehicles and heating systems.


The use of Biodiesel grants several environmental benefits in terms of:

  • temperature reduction with consequent lowering of the global warming
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • improvement of the energy efficiency

The Biodiesel is furthermore able to develop a virtuous circle between Agriculture, Industry and Environment and it is a diesel substitute obtained from vegetal oils. Currently Italian industry ranks second in Europe for production capacity of Biodiesel with a value which is around 2.000.000 tons per year. Moreover this value is growing in view of new ongoing investments coming from national companies.