The associated firms have the following basic forms:

  • supporting partners
  • ordinary partners
  • aggregated partners
  • bunker section partners
  • service providers partners

Membership to ASSOCOSTIERI entails for member firms the obligation to pay the ordinary and extraordinary contributions and the observance of Statute and Code of Ethics adopted by the Association.

Contributes are the same for categories of members.

Below the voting rights for the different categories of shareholders, counted during the Assembly:

supporting partner right of 1,5 votes
ordinary partner right of 1 vote
aggregated partner no voting right
bunker section partner no voting right
service providers partner no voting right

For further administrative information about allowances, please send an email to:

Members of ASSOCOSTIERI are the companies that apply for it and who are admitted to enrollment in accordance with the Statute.

Admission is permitted , among the ordinary members, to companies with registered offices in the national territory, carrying out activities in the field of energy Terminals, to companies producing biodiesel or involved in  activities directed to the production of goods or services with an industrial organization and with a focus on the values of  market and  competition, as well as to companies with different registered offices, owning in any case in the national territory factories or construction sites and / or subsidiary branch or deposit activities.

Other business entities presenting elements of complementarity, instrumentality, and / or economic connection with the institutionally represented entrepreneurship can join the Association as aggregated members, or service providers.

The application for registration must be directly addressed to ASSOCOSTIERI Chairman.

To join our Association you can download the application form:
(click here) and send it to the following fax number: 06/5011697