Crude mineral oils, residues of their distillations and all other species and qualities of petroleum products, derived or similar, including liquefied petroleum gas (L.P.G.) and biodiesel, enter the class of mineral oils under Law No. 239 dated 23 August 2004 “Reorganisation of the energy sector and delegation of powers to the Government for the reorganisation for the current provisions on energy “(so called Marzano Law).

The structure of the Italian petroleum market, like that of most European markets, is characterized by different phases or stages concerning the processes related to production, transit, storage and finally commerce and distribution. In particular three macro systems can be distinguished:

  • the refining system which essentially carries out product transformation / production activities;
  • the logistics system which includes transit and storage of products, divided into oil companies and private operators independent from oil companies;
  • the wholesale system (extra network) or retail of fuels (network) and oil products in general.

The logistics structure is divided into coastal storage facilities, able to receive finished products directly by the sea, and in deposits located within the national territory and connected to railway sidings or operating under tax storage regimes.

ASSOCOSTIERI, since its foundation, has always represented the private operators working in the field of logistics and energy market, carrying out partly storage activities and handling of products supported by customer owners of the goods and partly marketing activities of its products.