Organization chart

The associative structure reflects the founding principles of the Association: associative freedom as an aspect of political and economic freedom; pluralism of forms of enterprise; constant commitment for the protection of legality and responsibility, also and not only, towards the social and economic system for the purposes of its fair, integrated and sustainable development.


  • The Assembly – composed of representatives of all the associated firms. It meets ordinarily once a year. The resolutions are adopted by the simple majority of voters, and only in cases provided from the statute with qualified majority. These resolutions are binding for all members. The Assembly assigns the elected offices, approves the program of activities proposed by the Chairman and the general guidelines of the Association.
  • The Governing Council – made up of the Chairman, the Vice-presidents, the last Past President and up to seven Councilors, all elected by the Ordinary Assembly. Its functions of administrative governance range from proposing elective offices to taking care of the achievement of statutory purposes.


  • The Chairman is elected by the Ordinary Assembly on the proposal of the Governing Council. His office is a two-year term and, in his performance, he oversees, coordinates and controls the activities of the other bodies.
  • The General Manager, appointed by the Governing Council upon proposal of the Chairman, coordinates and manages the associative structure.

Chairman of ASSOCOSTIERI is Ms. Marika Venturi working for OLT Offshore LNG Toscana S.p.A.

Vice-presidents are:

  • Mr. Mauro Fanin – working for Cereal Docks S.p.A.
  • Mr. Diamante Menale – working for Energas S.p.A.
  • Ms. Maria Rosaria Di Somma

Councilors are:

  • Mr.  Donato Ammaturo working for SO.DE.CO. S.r.l.
  • Engr. Francesco Gatteschi working for San Marco Petroli S.p.A.
  • Mr. Giancarlo Jacorossi working for Maxcom Petroli S.p.A.
  • Mr. Giancarlo Porta working for Lampogas S.p.A.
  • Engr. Giovanni Distefano working for Butangas S.p.A.
  • Engr. Valentina Infante working for EDISON S.p.A.

General Director is Lawyer Dario Soria.

  • D. Ammaturo
  • D. Menale
  • F. Gatteschi
  • G. Jacorossi
  • GC. Porta
  • M. Fanin
  • M.R. Di Somma
  • G. Distefano
  • V. Infante
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