ASSOCOSTIERI –BIODIESEL PRODUCERS is the representative association of producers operating in the biodiesel sector.

The Association of firms working in the field of energy Terminals was established in Rome on February 24th, 1983 thanks to the initiative of some entrepreneurs who wanted to create an organization distinguishable from the others in terms of a more strongly protection of the irreplaceable role played from the primary distribution in the national market.

The Association is joined by firms working in the field of mineral oils, chemical products and LPG, as well as by biofuel manufacturers.


Chairman: Ms. Marika Venturi
Mr. Mauro Fanin working for Cereal Docks Spa (Camisano Vicentino, Vi)
Mr. Diamante Menale working for Energas Spa (Barra, Na)
Ms. Maria Rosaria Di Somma working for ASSOCOSTIERI (Rome)
General Director: Lawyer Dario Soria


Assocostieri –Biodiesel Producers adheres to:


– European Biodiesel Board

– Biofuel Platform


– CTI (Committee Italian Heat)



  • It groups the main firms producing Biodiesel in Italy.
  • It represents in institutional bodies the economic interest of the firms and it is representative of this field in relations with competent Authority, Institutions and Organizations.
  • It protects sector interests and carries out information activities for common topics.

Via di Vigna Murata, 40 – 00143 (Roma)
Tel. 06 5004658 – 06 5004659 – 06 5910049 Fax. 06 5011697