ASSOCOSTIERI, was founded in Rome in 1983, and it is an Association with a pivotal role for firms working in the field of energy Terminals.
In particular, firms operating in the marine bunkering service, holders of coastal, customs and tax tank storage facilities of mineral oils, chemical products and LPG, biodiesel, tank storage facilities and LNG regasification Terminals are part of the Association. More..

Industriale: Circolare Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico del 07/01/2021 “Decreto legislativo 22 febbraio 2006, n° 128. Monitoraggio GPL. Trasmissione circolare annuale di rilevazione dei dati dell’anno 2020”. | Fiscale: Nota dell’Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli Prot. 459649/RU del 16/12/2020 “Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli – Operatività del sistema nella giornata del 31 dicembre 2020”. | Telematizzazione: Circolare Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli Prot.: 02874/RU del 05/01/2021 “Autenticazione al portale di ADM mediante Carta di identità elettronica. Implementazione “Entra con CIE”. | Ambientale: Circolare del Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare prot. n. 30203 del 29/04/2020 “Comunicazione della Commissione europea n. 2020/C127/02. Indirizzi in materia di tensione di vapore massima della benzina ai sensi della direttiva 98/70/CE.”

Latest News

18/01/2021 – A new appointment of the ASSOCOSTIERI Forum initiative

The Association has promoted, with the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), a webmeeting to discuss the issues of greatest interest to its members, first of all the fight against illegality in the fuel sector, but also eDAS, digitization ,... read more

27/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI, through ASSOCOSTIERI Servizi, participated in the TDI RETE-GNL study, technologies and sizing of plants for the primary distribution network of LNG in the ports of the cross-border area.

An important moment of discussion for the sector to let LNG bunkering finally become a concrete opportunity for relaunch for the country. To find out more about TDI RETE-GNL To find out more about the participation of the Association... read more

23/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI will participate today at the web talk organized by WEC-Italia, ISPRA and Arpae Emilia Romagna “Energy and environment for the revitalization of territories. New models of energy production and consumption, attention to the territory and involvement of local realities “, from 15:00 to 17:30

Further informations: read more

20/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI’s General Manager, Dario Soria, reiterated today, during the event organized by Conferenza GNL, the centrality of the Association in the liquefied natural gas supply chain

LNG can be a driving force for the country’s recovery. Three key points on which to intervene: # 1 define clear operating procedures for bunkering # 2 intervene with respect to applied taxation # 3 recognize liquefied natural gas the... read more

ASSOCOSTIERI at The small Scale LNG for the Euro-Mediterranean corridor of Genoa and Liguria

  INTERNATIONAL FORUM THE SMALL SCALE LNG FOR THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CORRIDOR OF GENOA AND LIGURIA The International Forum on the direct use of liquid methane, an online event live from Genoa, will start on November 19th to illustrate and discuss the role... read more

The latest issue of the ASSOCOSTIERI newsletter is online

  In addition to the usual editorial by President Marika Venturi, focus on: GreenNewDeal, eDAS, rationalization of the fuel network, bioGNL, Model231 read more


Dear Readers,

a new issue of our newsletter is online.

In this publication we report a summary of our recent speeches at the Port&ShippingTech – Main Conference of the Naples Shipping Week – and at the 2020 edition of Oil&nonOil.

The other articles are about: LNG infrastructures, the role of fuel logistics in energy transition, biomethane and bio-LNG for the maritime sector and the new prospects for rationalization and modernization of the fuel distributive network.

Following the recent legislative innovations, ASSOCOSTIERI is also updating its Code of Conduct, now at the Ministry of Justice for approval.

[ You can read the full text here ]