18/01/2021 – A new appointment of the ASSOCOSTIERI Forum initiative

The Association has promoted, with the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), a webmeeting to discuss the issues of greatest interest to its members, first of all the fight against illegality in the fuel sector, but also eDAS, digitization , traceability of lubricating oils and exemption from excise duty for LNG and LPG

Here our press release: https://www.assocostieri.it/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CS_ASSOCOSTIERI_e_Agenzia_delle_Dogane_e_dei_Monopoli.pdf

Here the program of the event: Programma Assocostieri 18.01.21_con logo 2021_agg_13.01.20

27/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI, through ASSOCOSTIERI Servizi, participated in the TDI RETE-GNL study, technologies and sizing of plants for the primary distribution network of LNG in the ports of the cross-border area.

An important moment of discussion for the sector to let LNG bunkering finally become a concrete opportunity for relaunch for the country.

To find out more about TDI RETE-GNL http://interreg-maritime.eu/web/tdiretegnl/progetto

To find out more about the participation of the Association https://www.assocostieri.it/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/CS_Assocostieri_TDI_RETE-GNL_rev.pdf

20/11/2020 – ASSOCOSTIERI’s General Manager, Dario Soria, reiterated today, during the event organized by Conferenza GNL, the centrality of the Association in the liquefied natural gas supply chain

LNG can be a driving force for the country’s recovery.

Three key points on which to intervene: # 1 define clear operating procedures for bunkering # 2 intervene with respect to applied taxation # 3 recognize liquefied natural gas the status of “low carbon fuel” in the revision of the REDII directive

Here our press release

ASSOCOSTIERI at The small Scale LNG for the Euro-Mediterranean corridor of Genoa and Liguria


The International Forum on the direct use of liquid methane, an online event live from Genoa, will start on November 19th to illustrate and discuss the role of the fuel with lower environmental impact available for the development of interconnections between the Mediterranean and Central and Northern Europe.


Click here to register and to view the program http://www.conferenzagnl.com/iniziative-speciali/il-gnl-nel-corridoio-euro-mediterraneo/?lang=en