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Inail Isi: Incentives to businesses for occupational safety 2017

The National Occupational Accident Insurance Institute allocated for the current year € 249.406.358  with the aim of encouraging companies to implement interventions designed to improve levels of health and safety in the workplace. Investment/training projects and adoption of organizational and social responsibility models can be presented .
Recipients of these incentives are businesses, even individual members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture.

Both the European and the national contexts offer, and most of all in a recession-plagued scenario such as the current one, several investment opportunities by means of various grants to firms within a vast frame of projects and programmes. The European Union, for example, awards such benefits for several sectors, i.e. research, health, environmental protection and the like, in support to whom it granted, just for the 2007-2013 period, 975 bln Euros (source: European Commission) .Among the various categories of facilitations that Public Bodies make available for firms at various levels (EU, national and local), the following can be underlined:

  • Unsecured fund contributions: Such grants are allocated in favour of firms to reduce the cost of an investment, management costs or also to integrate a firm’s profit;
  • Prime rate contributions: such contributions aim at reducing the financial charges attached to loans offered to tackle certain kinds of investments, by offering better access conditions to finance than the ones available on the market;
  • Owner’s equity investments: these are interventions by virtue of which public authorities may acquire a minority interest or grant bridging finance tools or paid-back loans following a compounding by a firm;
  • Fiscal incentives: these are fiscal advantages that can become useful toward gaining a revenue credit or a tax relief on profit by reducing taxable income or raising fiscal losses.

Assocostieri Servizi, heedful since its inception to the issues related to assisted financing and various contributions, offers to Assocostieri associates the opportunity to benefit from the following services:

  1. Tailored scouting activity in the following areas of interest currently available:
    – EU grants (LIFE, VII Framework Programme, calls for proposals of the European Commission);
    – Capital account-related contributions, both at the national and at the regional level;
    – Contributions in the form of prime rate grants, in the national and the European fields;
    – Fiscal bonuses and revenue credit both at the national and at the regional level;
    – Retirement and social security facilitations;
    – Contributions and grants available from the local Chambers of Commerce;
    selecting those opportunities that can be tailored to a firm’s needs based on its main features (position, activity, size and range), as well as on the projects to be financed and on the goals to be reached.
    selezionando le opportunità che meglio si adattano all’azienda sulla base delle caratteristiche di quest’ultima (dimensione, classificazione dell’attività, ubicazione, ecc.), dei progetti da finanziare e delle sue esigenze.
  2. A recurrent update can then be carried out, concerning available tools and opportunities within the EU, national and regional fields.
  3. Assistance and support can be given with all the practical steps involved in achieving public grants.