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The relationship with the neighbouring environment gained more and more importance and depth in the evaluation of a firm by the relevant stakeholders, following an evolution toward stricter rules and the growing sensitivity of the general populace to such themes.
Often, the commitment and the effort undertaken by a firm in the field of environment may not be acknowledged for lack of effective communications, thereby causing such a firm an unfair and unjustified image damage.

Assocostieri Servizi provides assistance to firms in drawing up and implementing environment-related communication documents, allowing a company to let all the entities concerned (State, workers, local communities, insurance companies, financial backers, sponsors, and the like) know its commitment to environment, the results it achieved and the plans it has towards further environmental policy improvements, mainly through the following tools:

  • Environmental report: This is the paper in which the firm documents its interaction with the neighbouring environment; the aim of such a paper is to inform and document the concerned entities as well as to create with them an effective cooperation towards improving environmental performances. The voluntariness needed in agreeing to and implementing this kind of paper effectively shows the environmental proactivity of the firms deciding to adopt it.
  • Sustainability report: The sustainability report is the document integrating the economical, environmental and social elements of a given firm. As the definition of the concept of sustainability itself, based on economical, social and environmental components, implies, the sustainability report evaluates a firm in the following three dimensions:- Economical dimension: This dimension concerns a firm’s capacity for revenue, profit and work;
    – Social dimension: This dimension concerns a firm’s capacity to ensure fair conditions of welfare and growth, respecting both workers’ and human rights;
    – Environmental dimension: This dimension concerns a firm’s capacity to preserve natural resources in both their quality and reproducibility.

Assocostieri Servizi does also support companies in their path to certify their environmental quality, in the Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 and EMAS) and in keeping up and improving their quality and environmental performances over time.