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In the management of a tank storage the environment-related managing issues are, given a depot’s structural features,

a matter of high complexity. Furthermore, environmental laws impose to firms the compliance with standards, behaviors and procedures which become ever more complex and strict.

Firms and organizations may incur in several hurdles in their rush to compliance, often due to the fact that a constant update may not be possible, because of lacking time or resources.

In order to help managing the growing complexity of relevant laws on the subject, Assocostieri Servizi offers a series of reliable tools to solve those issues that can damage those firms tackling, for a variety of reasons, law-related and technical problems.

Calling on Assocostieri Servizi, the involved firms can bridge their gaps on the subject and count on a relevant support concerning:

  • Environment damage;
  • Cleaning of contaminated sites;
  • Environmental due diligence;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Water pollution;
  • Environmental Balanced Scorecard setup and implementation.